Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Sinbad's Mediterranean

My favorite Mediterranean food comes from Sinbad's over on Park Ave.  Mac D had that Shish Plate pictured above.  It typically comes with feta, but Mac D isn't a goat cheese guy, so he swapped in cheddar.

I had the Sfiha plate with a Sinbad salad.  Those toasted pita pieces are delicious.  The Sfiha itself is awesome with its beef and pine nuts in a toasted pitas.

I brought Fancy home the Melintzano pasta.  It was light and delicious with a nice smattering of feta.  I give Sinbad's a solid 4.5 stars, so drop on over and have some delicious Mediterranean!

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Friday, November 9, 2012


So, I haven't really had the chance to update this in almost two weeks, which is unusual.  My goal is one post per week, but things got a little busy here.  I guess I should catch all of you out there in okapi land up on what's new.  

Billy has forced everyone to love him.  He started with pig since she runs shit around here.  Pig would be so pissed if she knew I took this pic.  She maintains that she hates Billy.

My good friend, Poodle, won the Ms. Disco Diva crown.  So, you know, that was pretty cool to watch.  Congrats, Poodle!

Oh!  Fancy and I did early gift exchange this year.  We got each other ipads!  I love it...but alas, it is a pain in the ass to make blog posts from.  Oh, well.  By the way, if anyone knows anything cool I should definitely be doing with my ipad, let me know.

Anyway, this is the time of year when school gets really crazy, so my posts may be a bit scarce for a few weeks.  I was lazy all semester, so now I have to buckle down and prepare for finals.  My posts may move into the once every two weeks range, but I haven't given up on blogging just yet, so keep on checkin' in and thanks for reading!