Thursday, September 29, 2011

Monday, September 26, 2011

Law Library Graffiti (Part Deux)

The graffiti in the study carrels is pretty interesting. This okapi enjoys looking at it, it's a nice distraction, but the real question here is: what do you suppose that drawing is of? Hit up the poll on the home page to vote or drop your answer in the comments for all you mobile browsers. Options: A) an elephant, B) a messed up chicken, or C) some diseased lady parts.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Hibachi Sushi & Supreme Buffet = Awesome.

You may have read my review of Grand Super Buffet and remember me saying that it was my new favorite Chinese buffet in Rochester. Well, that all changed today.

My dad recommended we check out Hibachi Sushi & Supreme Buffet in Southtowne Plaza, and so today Fancy and I joined the parents for dinner.  The price was decent, coming in at just $12.50/person after our 15% off coupon. (We all ordered water because okapis goddamn love water.)

They boasted crab legs, clams, crawfish, and a bunch of varieties of shrimp for all of you seafood lovers out there. They also seemed to keep it coming out which is important since folks tend to line up after a few minutes.

As the name suggests, they serve several varieties of sushi and even have a man making more behind this counter. Fancy says, "It was fine, it was sushi." Allow me to translate: It was good! (Fancy hates hyperbole, and tends to lean toward deadpan.)

This okapi goddamn loves noodles. And baby corn. And teriyaki sauce. So, of course this okapi goddamn loves hibachi stations. Those noodles up there? Awesome. The chef did a terrific job applying just the right amount of sauce, so it wasn't bland nor too salty. Best part of my meal.

They claim to have 300 options available and it sure seemed possible to me. I enjoyed all of the stuff that I ate, but was sad to see no bbq rib tips. Instead they had full on spare ribs,  but I didn't feel like actual ribs. Also, the Chinese doughnuts had something other than sugar on them. That's as specific as I can get, but I had to add my own sugar still. 

We were all very satisfied and decided to make this our new "go-to" buffet. Oh, I almost forgot to mention that the atmosphere was awesome! Honestly, you just have to see it. That alone bumps the rating a quarter star to 4.5 stars. Want Chinese food? Want a lot and a variety and sushi? Go to Hibachi Buffet.

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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Monday, September 19, 2011

Where Things Are Most Likely To Attack Me (Part Deux)

Curiously, the cage that I encounter upon exiting the elevator was open today. So, of course I walked in there and took a snapshot of the killer's perspective. Because, you know, if I disappear, this is likely where it happened.

I wrote last time that I covered this topic about how I think the chalk graffiti should be more macabre to fit the scenery better, and so it improved. Hmm. I wonder if the person trapped in the basement reads this!! I mean, they could since there is plenty of wi-fi available down there, but you know, no phone reception...

Oooh...and I got a locker down there. I figure, why not? At least it'll be somewhere interesting. 

Friday, September 16, 2011

Pino's Review

As you might remember, this okapi sure does love pasta and my favorite place to have lunch pasta is Pino's on Ridge Road. The sauce is delicious and this (ultra heavy container) runs just under $6.

Fancy is more of a greens and beans girl, and they do it for $3.99 per pound. Today when I popped by for pasta I grabbed her a pound. She said it's definitely good. 

They sell the sausage individually at $1.50 per link, so I grabbed one for each of us. It should be noted here that Pino's  doesn't always have the same hot food items each day and they usually run out of several selections by 12:30. Also, they're usually rather busy, so take a number when you walk in!

These mini loaves of Italian bread are called "paninis" at Pino's and they are made fresh daily, but only cost $0.75. Awesome.

Lastly I got this nice, large brownie for us to split. Pino's always has subs, cold cuts, cheeses, and pepperoni for sale. They also feature baked goods from Debbie Fedele's (this brownie not included). It's a true "NY Deli" experience as they are super busy and expect you to know exactly what you want when you get to the counter.This okapi gives Pino's 4.5 stars. I would totally recommend this place for lunch, so if you're ever in Greece around noon, check it out! 

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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Anniversary Present: Part Deux

I am happy to report that I have received the last part of my anniversary present: my pillow pet. My mom thinks that it's ridiculous. But, he has a tail! And curly hair!! And a goatee!!! I think he is wonderful and look forward to enjoying football with him this Sunday.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Monte Alban: Webster Review

Some of you long time readers might remember me posting that Monte Alban was one of the three best places to eat in Irondequoit. Last night I was in Webster, so I stopped into their sister location with Ewok and Spider Lady. 

This was my second time at the Webster location and I must say that the Irondequoit one is far better. I have never had a bad meal at the Irondequoit one, but the Webster one has let me down for a second time.

We started out with chips, salsa, and I ordered the cheese dip. The first basket of chips were a little stale which is not a great start and the salsa was watery. Usually it's thick and flavorful, but not this time.

For our main meal Ewok had the "special" which was a fish burrito. How that is special or why anyone would want to eat that is beyond me, but the Ewok swears by it; so if you like fishes and burritos, give it a try! Spider Lady and I each had a combo platter and these run just under 8 bucks. 

The combo platters were good, but stopped short of fantastic. I also bought my favorite thing which is this fried chicken burrito pictured above. It was good, but would have been better had it been hot. This is the second time at this location that I have gotten less than hot food while they were busy.

This fine dessert is a "xango" which is cheesecake filling in a flour tortilla fried. This was delicious and served with ice cream. It bears mentioning here that although the place was busy, the waitress was very nice and I believe the ENORMOUSLY long wait for dessert as well as the chicken burrito issue was the fault of the kitchen staff.

Under the light, fluffy whipped cream forcefield is a thin layer of honey and then a nice big scoop of fried vanilla ice cream. This too was very tasty. We were going for a dessert platter experience here, can you tell?

Ewok had ordered the Fried Banana, but after several minutes we were notified that they had run out. What are the chances? So, we got the flan. Ewok wanted me to let you know that it was bad and the texture was all wrong. 

So, overall this okapi has to give Monte Alban: Webster 3 stars: a mediocre rating for a very mediocre experience. (Note: I went back and forth between 2.5 and 3 stars for this rating and settled on 3 due to service and price.)  
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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Where Things Are Most Likely To Attack Me

If I disappear on a Monday or Wednesday, this is probably where it happened.

This is my walk to class on those days and it apparently goes through a horror movie set.

I have class at 8AM, so there is really no one (alive) in the building when I arrive.

There are concrete walls and these very helpful mirrors at the top. This way I could see the killer coming, you know, when it's too late. 

Then as you get closer to the classrooms you begin to see signs of where you are. I mean, wouldn't you expect a wall in an area like this to say something more like "Human skin mask owner, human skin lamp user"?

Someone was clearly upset by the order of the clean, white classrooms and wanted the hall anarchy to continue in. Hey, I'll bet if they found the person who bastardized the area with neat classrooms, they would interrogate them.

And this is where it would take place. This may have been the creepiest spot in the whole area.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Anniversary Present

This anniversary present is why Fancy is awesome. Oh, and I get a pillow pet. I'll post it when I get it...

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The Great Bathtub Adventure (Part Deux)

There is drywall!! Mr. Fix-It drywalled the area the following week...

A wall thickness issue caused this random shelf on the top right side, but hey, no hole in the wall!! It works.

We're still waiting on a floor solution, sanding, and painting. Hopefully it'll all be done soon and then Mr. Fix-It could put the whole bathtub adventure behind him.

Monday, September 5, 2011

The Great Bathtub Adventure

The folks who owned the house before we did chose to put a tub liner over an iron bathtub. Less than a year after living here water seeped under the liner making it feel like you were showering on a Bosu ball.

Mr. Fix-It cut a hole in the liner so that we didn't  fall and die which triggered a mold obsession with Fancy. She fretted tirelessly about the mold that had to be forming under the liner and biding its time to kill us (or kill our home resale value-whichever came first).

We finally decided to purchase a new tub (around $500) after being told it would cost about $5000(!) to put in a liner. So, Mr. Harley (Fancy's dad) came over to install the new tub with Little Bro White Tiger and his boyfriend in tow to do the clean up work. I called Mr. Fix-It to help pull out the (ridiculously heavy) old tub and when he arrived he realized that he needed to help Mr. Harley do the whole job. He was super happy.

So, they pulled out the old tub and occasionally yelled for the boys to clean up and many hours went by. Mr. Fix-It's whole head was red and this okapi thought he was going to kill someone. Mr. Fix-It hates bathtubs.

Eventually they got it all put together and bolted to the wall. It was officially safe to use (although there were a few...gaps).

The new tub is a little smaller than the old one, so there is a gap on the floor, too. A month later and we're still trying to  figure out exactly what to do about that. So, anyway this is what it looked like upon the departure of Mr. Fix-It and Mr. Harley...and so it stayed for a week.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Juice Diet Aftermath

I was at the store when I saw this Tums ad. and was reminded that I should tell you folks about the after affects of the juice diet on my system. Prior to this I never really had any gas issues, but now even eating something with a little bell pepper in it cramps up my stomach unbearably. I no longer like red peppers. 

In fact, I'm kind of uninterested in a lot of vegetables. That juice diet fucked me all up and now I have stomach issues. I hate the goddamn juice diet. That is all.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Old School Prices

These are some menus that my parents' had saved from places they worked, oh say 40+ years ago. They ran across them this weekend while moving furniture and I thought I'd share them with y'all.

Click on those images and check out the awesome prices. Banana Royal? That'll be $0.80.

The most expensive meal is under $3. Awesome!