Sunday, October 28, 2012


A couple weeks ago Ewok and I decided to go for a walk between dinner and a local wrestling match.  The closest park was Memorial Park near the intersection of Lyell and Howard.  We walked through a bit of woods and arrived onto this stone path

The path went on for as long as the eye could see in both directions.  On one side was the strip of forest and on the other side Trolley Blvd, so I'm guessing these rocks are covering old trolley tracks?

The walk was peaceful, though the ground was super uneven.  So, if you have, say a severely sprained ankle because a tiger puppy leapt into you, perhaps another walking place is better.

As we walked, we stumbled upon these bones strewn about.  It was fascinating.  Where's the skull?? we asked each other excitedly as we walked along.  It was a fun scavenger hunt, really.

Then we found the skull!!  So, what do you thing this is?  Opossum?

Monday, October 22, 2012

Harry G's N.Y. Deli

Today Mac D and I went to Harry G's over in the South Wedge for our tri-weekly lunch.  I usually start with the main meal, but these mini red velvet cakes were delightful, and at only $1, who could go wrong?

I had a half Kasha: grilled chicken with portobello mushrooms, provolone, lettuce, tomato, and pesto mayo.  It was absolutely delicious.  The chicken was extremely flavorful, and everything balanced nicely.  I always say the roll makes the sub, and here the roll is delicious.  

The whole reason we went to Harry G's in the first place was Mac D's craving for this reuben.  He reports it as being delicious.  In fact, it's one of the things this place is known for, so if you like that sort of thing you should definitely check it out.

I ordered the macaroni salad with it, but to be honest I didn't even need it; the sub was that good.  The mac salad was pretty good, but a bit sweet for my taste.  I will note, however, that this is purely a preference thing, and not a quality thing.  The one thing that would have improved it, though, is not overcooking the noodles.  All in all I give Harry G's 4.5 stars, so go have some lunch there!

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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Where Things are Most Likely to Attack Me (No seriously, they even put in an emergency phone)

So, I was walking through the school dungeon basement this past week when I noticed they had installed security cameras and an emergency phone.  Uh-oh.

I find it as no surprise that the phone is near this little area.  It's recessed, creepy, has a chair for the killer to sit in and await victims...

This is creepy, right?  I mean, seriously.  You have to crawl under the pipe to get in there, so why the chair?  Why just one chair??

So, of course, GG and I crawled underneath to see what's going on in there.  There are these dirty pants, which is extra weird.  

So, here is the nice little area you're walking along before you might be attacked by the (ostensibly) pantless killer.  To the left outside the picture is the emergency phone.  Also of note, you must pass through here to get to class if you take the elevator downstairs.

Sunday, October 7, 2012


We have a new tiny family member, and his name is Billy.  He's named after a cousin of his: a rooster named Billy the Giant Cock.

Anyway, Billy there is a tiny, cute kitty.  Fancy told me for a very long time that she wanted a white kitten with stripes.  I did not believe that such a thing existed, but then one day, BOOM!  

He's probably the cutest thing I've ever seen.  For those of you who knew the late, great Steve, I dare say this little fellow is even cuter.  

Actually, speaking of Steve, I have sort of an oddball theory on pets (as will come as zero surprise to those of you who know me).  I believe the pets that we have that we most connect with are reincarnated to be with us again and again throughout our lives.

He is quite boneless like Steve and super sweet.  He seems to be getting along pretty well with the other pets.

Pig-a-woo is nice to him, because she doesn't hate things smaller than her.  In fact, I may have stumbled upon her taking Billy's side in an argument with the Tiger Pup.

The Tiger Pup really wants to play with and/or eat Billy, but that makes us humans awfully mad.  She has no idea why.

As for the feline opinion, Peggy was mistrustful at first, but now the two play a lot.  Actually, she may be "playing" passive aggressively since she's a touch rough, but Billy loves it.  As for Fast Eddie, he hates us.  And Billy.  And you.  So, you know, typical Eddie.