Sunday, October 28, 2012


A couple weeks ago Ewok and I decided to go for a walk between dinner and a local wrestling match.  The closest park was Memorial Park near the intersection of Lyell and Howard.  We walked through a bit of woods and arrived onto this stone path

The path went on for as long as the eye could see in both directions.  On one side was the strip of forest and on the other side Trolley Blvd, so I'm guessing these rocks are covering old trolley tracks?

The walk was peaceful, though the ground was super uneven.  So, if you have, say a severely sprained ankle because a tiger puppy leapt into you, perhaps another walking place is better.

As we walked, we stumbled upon these bones strewn about.  It was fascinating.  Where's the skull?? we asked each other excitedly as we walked along.  It was a fun scavenger hunt, really.

Then we found the skull!!  So, what do you thing this is?  Opossum?

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