Monday, April 23, 2012

Red Osier Review

Fancy and I had a nice date night this week at the always wonderful Red Osier.  We found a sweet online deal at their website scoring a pound of prime rib for $13.99.  Part of the draw of this place is that they carve the prime rib right at your table.

By now you folks know I can't go anywhere without trying the calamari.  They served theirs with peppers and garlic, but I ordered mine plain.  It was cooked nicely, not too chewy with a light flavor.  However, I did take issue with the portion size.  The plate was pretty small, but the price wasn't at $9.

Fancy pulled her baked potato out of the little dish and had the au jus poured in it.  The prime rib was cooked perfectly, and the knife cut through it like butter.  We got a side of mushrooms, which was totally worth the extra cost.  They were very flavorful and added a nicely to the meal.

I  goddamn love au jus, so I had the carver guy really pour it on.  The mashed potatoes were tasty, but the prime rib was a bit bland.  The au jus helped, but it could have used a little salt and pepper cooked in.

The rolls were good, but those little corn muffins were AWESOME.  I really enjoyed the experience overall, and so did Fancy.  We will definitely go back, and surely recommend it for a nice date night, special occasion, or general yearning for prime rib.  This okapi gives Red Osier 4.25 stars.

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Sunday, April 15, 2012

List of Friendship Requirements

A law school friend of mine, Paradox, told me about a conversation he had with one of his friends.  They both live on campus, but his friend, Recluse, doesn't really contribute much to the friendship.  She had no fucking idea that friendships take work or encourage the people to see each other.  He said, "friends eat meals together and go shopping together."  She replied that she didn't know that and asked how many times per month she would be required to do those things in order to be his friend.

Paradox was astounded.  How could she not know this?  How does someone compute the "requirements" of friendship??  He could not give her a specific number, and Recluse became confused.  Paradox also said they should do things outside of their apartments, and again Recluse asked for the amount of times she must do these things.  Paradox told me and J-No about it, so during a particularly boring property law class we came up with Recluse's requirements.  I hope you enjoy them.

The Requirements of Friendship
 (In an On-Campus, Law School Setting)
  1. Whenever you are going shopping or planning an event outside of the apartment inviting your friend is expected unless there is an objectively reasonable excuse not to.  (Examples available upon request.)
  2. You must have dinner with your friend every other Wednesday.  (No strict requirement on where, but as a general rule: 3/4 times it should be out of the apartment.)
  3. You must participate in an outside of apartment event with your friend on Friday of the weeks in which there is no Wednesday dinner requirement.  
  4. You must "hang-out" one Saturday or Sunday night per week.  (3/4 outside to inside apartment ratio: see Rule 2.)
  5. You must make one phone call or in apartment visit per week on a day in which there is no other meeting obligation (Mon., Tues., Thurs. or non-committed weekend day).  
  6. All rules suspended during finals except Rule 1.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The County

I fucking love going out to Wyoming County.  It's one of my favorite things to do.  The reason?  Shit like that up there.  Tell you what, if there is an apocalypse (zombie or otherwise), my ass is going to The County.

Now, I know what you're thinking, "Isn't that where the crazy fundamentalist Baptist church is?"  And, you would be correct.  But, didn't you see The Dad up there?? And read about Drewcifer??  

They can totally take the crazy fundamentalists, I have faith.  Oh, back to telling y'all about the pics.  TV on the woodpile.  Niiiiice.  Always something new at The Parent's house.  And this here?  The label hardly seemed necessary as it is the only such bucket in the house...

Oh! While we were out in The County, Fancy's sister's boyfriend, Big Daddy, cooked us up some fine dinner.  We had rice and beans, which were fucking amazing.

Then he gave us some fried pork chops.  I had never tried these before, and they were incredible.  Normally, Fancy and I don't like pork chops, because they taste like dirt.  These however, did not.  We fully enjoyed them, so I said I'd give this fine meal a review here.  This okapi gives dinner 4.5 stars, so...if Big Daddy ever...uh...offers to make you dinner, DO IT!!

Friday, April 6, 2012

Pellegrino's (Mt. Hope Location) Deli Review

I'm starting this review with dessert, because it was the best part of the meal.  The cookie was good.  Not great, but good.  the place was decorated much like a DiBella's, but the decoration is where the similarity ends.

It was odd to be in a place set up like Dibella's and receive a sub more akin to Subway.  Like any Rochesterian would be, I was disappointed.  There were so few meatballs that they didn't even reach to the end of the narrow roll.

Here is an inner shot of my sub.  The sauce and meatballs were okay but pretty damn bland.  The roll was okay but also bland.  The roll was crispy on the outside due to toasting.

I added some fries which would have been good if they were hot or fresh.  They were fine as lukewarm fries go, I suppose.  Ewok wanted a sandwich sized meal.  She asked if they had anything smaller than a 7" sub, like a round roll, for example.  After much thought they realized they served rye bread.  Ewok said she would prefer a roll, but if all they had was rye she would take it.

After starting the sandwich, someone "remembered" they had smaller rolls for kid's subs.  She asked for that and was notified it was "too late," but they would give her the sandwich for a kid's sub price.  She agreed seeing as the ordeal took so long I was already eating (she ordered first).  The sandwich was okay.  The prices were too high for the size and value of the food, coming out at a comparable price to DiBella's/Wegmans.  I wouldn't recommend this place unless you have no other real option.  This okapi gives Pellegrino's 2 stars.

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