Monday, April 23, 2012

Red Osier Review

Fancy and I had a nice date night this week at the always wonderful Red Osier.  We found a sweet online deal at their website scoring a pound of prime rib for $13.99.  Part of the draw of this place is that they carve the prime rib right at your table.

By now you folks know I can't go anywhere without trying the calamari.  They served theirs with peppers and garlic, but I ordered mine plain.  It was cooked nicely, not too chewy with a light flavor.  However, I did take issue with the portion size.  The plate was pretty small, but the price wasn't at $9.

Fancy pulled her baked potato out of the little dish and had the au jus poured in it.  The prime rib was cooked perfectly, and the knife cut through it like butter.  We got a side of mushrooms, which was totally worth the extra cost.  They were very flavorful and added a nicely to the meal.

I  goddamn love au jus, so I had the carver guy really pour it on.  The mashed potatoes were tasty, but the prime rib was a bit bland.  The au jus helped, but it could have used a little salt and pepper cooked in.

The rolls were good, but those little corn muffins were AWESOME.  I really enjoyed the experience overall, and so did Fancy.  We will definitely go back, and surely recommend it for a nice date night, special occasion, or general yearning for prime rib.  This okapi gives Red Osier 4.25 stars.

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