Friday, April 6, 2012

Pellegrino's (Mt. Hope Location) Deli Review

I'm starting this review with dessert, because it was the best part of the meal.  The cookie was good.  Not great, but good.  the place was decorated much like a DiBella's, but the decoration is where the similarity ends.

It was odd to be in a place set up like Dibella's and receive a sub more akin to Subway.  Like any Rochesterian would be, I was disappointed.  There were so few meatballs that they didn't even reach to the end of the narrow roll.

Here is an inner shot of my sub.  The sauce and meatballs were okay but pretty damn bland.  The roll was okay but also bland.  The roll was crispy on the outside due to toasting.

I added some fries which would have been good if they were hot or fresh.  They were fine as lukewarm fries go, I suppose.  Ewok wanted a sandwich sized meal.  She asked if they had anything smaller than a 7" sub, like a round roll, for example.  After much thought they realized they served rye bread.  Ewok said she would prefer a roll, but if all they had was rye she would take it.

After starting the sandwich, someone "remembered" they had smaller rolls for kid's subs.  She asked for that and was notified it was "too late," but they would give her the sandwich for a kid's sub price.  She agreed seeing as the ordeal took so long I was already eating (she ordered first).  The sandwich was okay.  The prices were too high for the size and value of the food, coming out at a comparable price to DiBella's/Wegmans.  I wouldn't recommend this place unless you have no other real option.  This okapi gives Pellegrino's 2 stars.

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