Monday, March 26, 2012

MacGregor's Review

One of our favorite places for pub grub is MacGregor's (the one in Henrietta).  Often we get the chicken nachos, but this time we were with Fancy's sister, and she decided to try out the new pulled pork nachos.  When they came out they looked bland, but they were delicious! 

Whenever we go to this place we get a few items and split them.  This is the Buffalo Combo.  It comes with 6 wings, 6 boneless wings, and 6 chicken fingers.  You can get any sauce you like, but I recommend the Buffalo hot and the sweet and spicy chili.

Then we have the Ultimate Fries.  I especially like it when they give us plenty of bacon.  These are absolutely delicious.  I highly recommend this place, and give it 4.5 stars for when you're in the mood for some pub grub!   

MacGregor's Grill & Tap Room on Urbanspoon


  1. Where was my macs invite? Mmm.... Best chicken wings!

  2. Sorry man, it was a last minute decision!

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