Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Alex's Place Review

Last week Fancy and I hit Alex's Place for date night.  Fancy had the BBQ Platter pictured above which had ribs, 1/2 chicken, and pulled pork.  Oh, except they said pulled pork was replaced by pot roast.  Whatever, Fancy said it was good.  Unfortunately, the 1/2 chicken wasn't so great.

I had the Ribs & Wing Combo.  It looked extremely enticing on the menu, but the actual meal left something to be desired.  First, the wings were not cooked crispy as I requested.  Admittedly the waitress may not have heard me, so no points are docked for that.  However, the wings should have been tossed in sauce "Buffalo style," but they were not.  They were pretty tasteless unless you really rolled them around in the surplus sauce pooled on the plate.  This should have been a non-issue since I ordered them hot.  

Two more points on my Combo.  First, the menu showed steak fries, and they weren't.  I hate that.  Second, the ribs were good.  Not great, just...good.  And, that is only because they were cooked perfectly.  The sauce wasn't very good or unique.  Not even close to the fine rib sauce at just about any other decent rib joint in the Roc (such as Texas Bar-B-Q Joint (my personal favorite) or Sticky Lips).  Oh, and the bread up there?  Not good.  This is especially sad because our region is sort of a mecca for great bread enthusiasts, and local places with bad bread are few and far between.

Fancy upgraded her soup to the French Onion Soup which she said was very good.  It was nicely toasted and quite cheesy.  So, y'all may not know this, but Fancy isn't usually too involved with rating places.  She tends to think most places are fine or good, but nothing that lets me know she has a real strong feeling about where a place should rate.  The exception to this has historically been when something is awesomely good or terribly bad.  

To give you an idea of how underwhelmed we both were, Fancy leaned across the table and said, "three stars."  This food was the epitome of average, and that's not a good thing.  To be fair, I had high expectations since they were voted People's Choice at RocCity Ribfest, and everyone says how awesome they are.  With that considered, it still gets 3 stars.  Or as my Mom would say: "It's nothing to write home about."

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