Monday, August 15, 2011

Texas Bar-B-Q Joint Review

This place used to be called "Taste of Texas," but recently changed names, not owners. Why? Who knows. Anyway, Fancy and I continued our anniversary weekend celebration by hitting this old favorite of ours for dinner. 

They are located in Spencerport and are a tiny hole in the wall place where seating is usually pretty full. They take your order at the front counter where you pay for your meal, and they yell your name when it's ready, so you can come grab it and sit down.

They offer complimentary soup, but have a donation bucket. Half of the donations to the local soccer club, so drop in a buck or two when you try their delightful homemade soup of the day. That up there is bean soup which this okapi doesn't like, but Fancy loves. 

We each ordered the "cattle drive" which is an option of two meats (not ribs, those are $5.99 for 1/3 rack added on), two sides, and a corn muffin. Fancy grabbed a half chicken, beef brisket, baked beans, and mac and cheese. All of these items are made from scratch and she reports that the beans were amazing, the chicken delicious, the mac and cheese pretty good, and the beef brisket over cooked/chewy. This is the first time we've had an issue with anything from this place, but Fancy didn't like that brisket at all (the mastiff on the other hand was glad to take it off our hands when we got home).

I also got a $9.99 "cattle drive." I had pulled pork, pulled chicken, mashed potatoes with gravy, and mac and cheese. The pulled pork was the best part of my meal: nice and sweet while juicy and not over cooked; the pulled chicken was good, too, but I'd go all pork next time. The real mashed potatoes and chicken gravy were delicious and I really enjoyed the mac and cheese. Also of note: the BBQ sauce itself is some of the best I've had in the area.

The difference in opinion on the mac and cheese has a lot to do with personal preference in the okapi family. Fancy likes hers extra cheesy with a little something else thrown in like jalapenos or a really sharp cheese whereas I like a plainer mac and cheese with a light, not over-powering cheesy flavor. This particular mac and cheese fell in line with my preference perfectly and I would recommend it (unless you're like Fancy, because then you'll just cry). 

I also got an order of fried green tomatoes. This okapi goddamn loves fried green tomatoes! This order only cost me $1.85 and was more than worth the cost. I'd actually say that this place has the best fried green tomatoes in Rochester. You should go order some, because damn they're good.

This is a locally owned place where folks are real friendly, food comes out fast, the atmosphere is inviting, and like Fancy says "We've never gotten a bad meal from that place." People around here tend to talk up places like "The Dinosaur" or "Sticky Lips," but I think Texas Bar-B-Q has them easily beat from taste, to atmosphere to price: all across the board. I would have to rate it 4 and a quarter stars because of the brisket, but I will mention that last time Fancy had it, she loved it, so maybe on my next visit we'll see a redemption and a re-review? Anyway, if you have a hankering for BBQ, make the drive to Spencerport, it's worth it.

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