Saturday, August 20, 2011

Dirty Dave's Review

Dirty Dave's or D&D's as it is often called is a little hole in the wall bar and grill right outside the village of Scottsville. My parents live 10 minutes from the place and we've always had great pub grub there, so yesterday we decided to pay a visit with the folks.

We goddamn love their hot buffalo wing sauce; it's hot, but sweet at the same time and usually the wings are swimming in the stuff. We ordered them extra crispy, but they were barely cooked for some reason. I've never had wings this ugly (soft, watery, barely any sauce) from D&D's before and was very disappointed.

Dad ordered the nachos with cheese and jalapenos and felt that he was short changed on the jalapenos. There was plenty of cheese, but these were more like fair nachos (liquid nacho cheese) than restaurant nachos (melted shredded cheese), so if that's what you're expecting they're pretty good.

These are the D&D's version of "loaded fries" which is something that lots of Rochester places like to put their own spin on. These have nacho cheese, meat hot sauce, and bacon served with sour cream for dipping. I didn't expect nacho cheese, I expected a melted cheddar or some other type of "real" melted cheese, so I was a little let down. I will say though, that they were not skimpy on toppings and they tasted pretty damn good.

My dad ordered the beer battered jumbo clam strips which he reports as being very tasty, although a bit thick on breading. They were only $4.50 which is a good price for the amount of clam given.

I ordered the classic clam strip dinner which for $6.25 got me fried clams, french fries (double order in place of coleslaw-okapis goddamn hate coleslaw), and a dinner roll. Everything was cooked perfectly and very tasty. The price can't be beat and there was more than enough food.

Mom ordered the fried shrimp dinner which came with the same stuff as the clam strip dinner and cost just over 7 bucks. She was very satisfied with the portion and taste. Nothing was over or under cooked and the fries did not have a residual "fishy" taste from over use or cross contamination from the fried fish items. 

Fancy had the turkey club with mayo on the side because Fancy goddamn hates condiments applied to her food by restaurants. This was a large sandwich served with a small bag of Lay's chips. She enjoyed it thoroughly.

The atmosphere at D&D's is total dive bar. It's not well lit or large and everyone crowded around the bar know each other. I personally dig that atmosphere, but if you don't like the neighborhood bar vibe, this isn't the place for you. I feel a bit silly (and cursed) by having to say once again that this reviewed experience is the worst I've had at this location. I have often gone out of my way to get chicken wings from D&D's because I believe that they have the best wing sauce in Rochester (seriously, it's that good), but this experience was awful with the wings. Overall, however they are still a good place for cheap pub grub. I would say that their biggest issue is consistency, so based on this experience I would give D&D's 3 stars. If you're ever in the neighborhood, it's worth a stop in for sure.

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