Friday, August 12, 2011

Tiffany Stories FINAL

So, Tiffany tells me that Nick is in the hospital. Next day she tells me that he's home because he just had some torn ligaments in his knee. He's been home for two days. I point out that the day before she said he was in the hospital. turns out that he was home from the accident with the torn ligament when he went roller skating down the stairs. Huh. This is like the 12th time he's torn that ligament, you know. He does it ALL THE TIME.

So, then she tells me that Nick is going to be moving away for a month. He's going to Africa. Then he is going to Australia. Oh, no. What is Tiffany going to do? He was set to leave the very next day. (I guess his ligament healed again...) So, a few days later she tells me that he is in Australia and there is an issue. He knows someone in Australia. His one true love, Shiela lives there! She moved away when they were eight years old and  he has loved her ever since.

So, Tif said that everything would be ok as long as he didn't see her. Well, guess who picked him up from the airport? That's right! And guess who he's staying with? Right again!! So, Tiffany dumped him. The next day, she came into work and told me that they were getting married and it gets worse. Shiela is pregnant. It turns out that she had come to the US to visit Nick a few weeks ago and of course, Tif wasn't told. Three days after that, Nick called and wanted to call off the wedding with Shiela because he realized Tiffany was the one for him! He asked her to marry him instead, she had to say no and vowed to never see or speak to him again.

Well, this concludes the Tiffany stories. Shortly after this installment I stopped working with her. I saw her a couple of months later walking through a parking lot and pulled up next to her in my car:

Me: Hey, Tiffany!

Tiffany: Oh, goddamn it.

I feel this exchange was a fitting ending/description of our interaction with one another. I will be putting these posts in their entirety on a separate page on this blog in case anyone ever wants to read it all in one place. Thanks for reading them!

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