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Paulie's Pizza Review

It has been this okapi's experience that most pizza places are good at one or two things and mediocre at best with other items. For example, a place might be great at subs but not so good at actual pizza or great at pizza with sub-par wings; you get the idea. Paulie's, however excels at everything (at least everything I've tried-and that's a lot).

I'm a thin crust pizza person, and so that's how I order my pizza; their regular crust is a bit thicker. Anyway, that lovely pie and slice pictured above are a thin crust pizza. The bottom is browned nicely and quite firm. The sauce is on the sweeter side, yet very flavorful and okapis LOVE pizza sauce on the sweet side.

So, this is the remains of a sheet pizza. Since the boys replacing the tub (post coming soon!) and the girls watching were starving, I couldn't snap a pic until everyone grabbed some slices. This is their traditional thickness slices, and still totally delicious. You can see from the pic that they use both types of pepperoni: the "cup & char" and standard flat varieties. This gives a great flavor experience. Also, on both the thin crust and regular, the sauce is in great balance with the cheese and crust. There are few things this okapi hates more on a pizza than not enough sauce, so well done.

Those pizza rolls are delicious. They are fried perfectly, so that they remain crisp without being greasy. Also, you can't beat the price: $5.15*. If you tend to buy pizza logs, you know what I mean here, those things can be 3 for $5, but Paulie's gives you 5. Awesome.

Pictured above we have a small Stinger Sub. The Stinger is chicken fingers and shaved steak tossed in wing sauce and is served on a sub or a pizza. It's one of the things Paulie's is known for, and damn is it good! I get mine with "hot buffalo" wing sauce and it's perfect. The hot wing sauce is not overly hot, but you get a nice burn and most importantly it's super tasty; this isn't just some Frank's Red Hot, this is a full on secret recipe sauce.

Next up, we have a cheese sub. Fancy and I order quite an odd cheese sub: cheddar and provolone with lettuce, tomato, onion, oil, and mayonnaise, grilled open face in the oven. I know it sounds gross, but once you add french fries on it, it's amazing. Seriously, try it sometime :)

These chicken fingers are also fried perfectly, and man are they big! They give 5 to an order which is awesome and they aren't at all greasy, but very crispy. I grab a side of "hot buffalo" sauce to go with my blue cheese for full on dipping pleasure.

The chicken wings also got a bit picked over before I could photograph them, but these are hot wings. Although not jumbo wings, they are large and meaty, cooked well (I order mine extra crispy and they never burn 'em), and are actually tossed well in the (hot) wing sauce. The tossing is a very important part of the wing cooking process that some places just don't seem to get, but Paulie's gets it and the result is fully coated, consistently flavored wings.

This is the remainder of the Country Sweet wings and they too are fantastic. Did I mention the price for wings?! You can go small and snag 5 for only $3.50, grab a few more with the 10 for $6 deal, or if you want a whole lot score bulk pricing at 40 for $19.50.

There are several things that were not reviewed here (although this review spanned several visits) that I would recommend. First would have to be the Pulled Pork Pocket. This is BBQ (or Country Sweet) pulled pork placed inside pizza dough like a calzone and baked in the pizza oven. It's probably the best pulled pork meal I've ever had. I like to have mozzarella thrown in mine, but you can add whatever you want, or just eat it plain with the complimentary side of BBQ dipping sauce. Also, they have a Paulie's Plate Pizza which is exactly what it sounds like: mac salad, home fries, hamburger, hot dog, and meat hot sauce...on a pizza. This  puppy eats like a meal, and you'll be glad you tried it. Among other things they have brownie bars and cheesecake bites for those of you who dig dessert. I've had both and they are delicious.

Paulie's is a (super friendly) family owned and operated pizza joint located in Greece at the corner of Dewey and Latta. They run several awesome specials such as the "10 + 10 = 1 Deal" which rewards you with a stamped receipt each time you  order $10 or more worth of food. When you collect 10 receipts, they give you a free large cheese pizza! Also, they have coupons on the site that offer a $6 medium or $8.35 large cheese pizza Mon-Thurs among other great offers. This okapi gives Paulie's 5 stars. If you like pizza, subs, pulled pork, fried foods, supporting local businesses, or anything at all, you should go to Paulie's. Do it.

*All prices and coupons are gathered from the website and are subject to change.

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