Thursday, August 4, 2011

Ridge Donut Cafe

When I did the Best Places to Eat in Irondequiot series I talked briefly about a place called Ridge Donut Cafe. That piece garnered interest from several people, so yesterday while folks were angrily putting in my new bathtub (post about that coming soon!) I decided to calm the angry beasts by grabbing a dozen doughnuts.

I'll start my review with my favorite doughnut: the jelly square. This is a glazed doughnut filled with jelly to be precise. Guess what shape this doughnut is...

There is just the right amount of delicious jelly in this doughnut and the glaze melts in your mouth. Mrs. Harley tells me that this is a honey glaze-and she'd know, she used to make doughnuts...from scratch!

This in an apple filled doughnut. Mrs. Harley said that this is as good as the jelly square and that's quite the compliment! Again, it's evenly filled and just the right amount of sweetness.

Next up we have the cream filled doughnut. I had a white cream filled which is amazing, and Mr. Harley had a  custard filled one. Both were sweet and delicious.

The top was milk chocolatey wonderfulness and the cream wasn't over done. You might think that these fillings would make the area around it weak and thin, but the doughnuts are dense enough to support it perfectly.

This is Fancy's sour cream fry cake doughnut. Did I mention that she hates me taking pictures of food before we eat it? Anyway, you can see here how the inside is both light and fluffy while still being dense and substantial. Extremely tasty!

The peanut butter and jelly doughnut is better than any PB&J sandwich I've ever had. The peanut butter is rich and creamy, but not over-whelming. 

It has the same great jelly as the jelly square and it balances the peanut butter well. If you even think you like PB&J, this doughnut's for you.

I would suggest Ridge Donut Cafe to anyone looking for a great doughnut. It's totally worth driving to and the prices are not steep (a little over a buck for a single or nine bucks a dozen) especially considering these are freshly made daily from scratch. This okapi easily gives this doughnut wonderland 5 stars. Hungry? Go there immediately.

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