Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Tiffany Stories Part 12

Tiffany: So, I met this new guy and he's great!

Me: Awesome!! What's his name?

She pauses and looks off to the right. Her eyes slowly turn back toward me and she says "Nick?" 

Wow. This is very creative. Is this why her last boyfriend had three first names (one of which being Nick.)? Is it possible that all of her creativity has been sucked out by this imaginary world and as a result can only think of five total boy names? So, she goes on to tell me that Nick also goes to Eric and Angela's therapy sessions. I mean, of course he does. Everyone goes to their COUPLES therapy. I asked why and she told me that he has to give Eric a ride as his car is gone. Angela blew it up. But, don't worry!! Angela didn't have to go to jail for it because her dad is a cop! Well, she did have to go to jail, but only for a few hours. So, Nick drives Eric to therapy and in the midst of all this relationship bliss, Tiffany decides to hook up with Nick. Well, to be honest, Nick wants to be with her, but she's just not sure. The problem is that Nick takes Eric's side and Tif takes Angela's side. So, it just might not work!

The next day, Tif comes into work and says "Guess who showed up at my house last night?" That's right everyone, Nick! (And Angela and Eric.) Angela has suggested that she and Eric go on a vacation. Well, no one knew what to do, so they sought out Tif to solve the horrible dilemma. 

They all showed up at her house, but just Nick walked in first. Of course Tif assumed that he was alone. (Did I mention that Tif lives with her parents AND her grandmother?) So, then when the other two wandered in, Tif was very upset. They told her about how Angela wanted to go on vacation and Eric wasn't sure it was a good idea. They did know however who should make these types of decisions in their marriage: Tiffany!

So, Tif told them to call their therapist and ask her. Just as Eric was about to call the therapist, Tif's phone rings and it's the therapist!! Eric and Angela had given the therapist Tiffany's number "just in case". So, Tiffany picks up the phone and the therapist says "Are they with you?" And of course they were there! 

So, she gives Eric the phone and he tells her the whole story and she asks to speak to Tiffany again and asks Tiffany what she thinks they should do. Tif of course tells her that she is not a therapist. The therapist replies that Tif knows them best and would know just what to do. So, Tiffany said that she just wanted them to leave her alone. They went on vacation and in fact left that very night!

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