Thursday, August 11, 2011

Awesome Stuff That Happens in Rochester: Buffalo Bills Practice

This okapi goddamn loves the Buffalo Bills. The off season practices for the Bills are held here in Rochester (so  far, the contract is up this year and we're unsure if they'll renew), so this okapi headed out to watch last night. 

I asked the Ewok to go with me and she agreed although she isn't a football fan. Thanks, Ewok!! We had a really good time although people kept standing in front of us. It really irked me because some jerk wearing loafers and a Jaguar hat looked right at us and stood in front of us. I hate people like that who think their money makes them better than everyone else.

Other than that, the practice was awesome!! Ewok kept getting afraid people were going to get hurt which was kind of funny seeing as we were watching football. It's sort of weird watching a team practice because everyone secretly roots for the offense, cheering when a big play is made and "Oooooooooh"ing when the defense makes a big play.

I unfortunately couldn't get pictures of the big plays of the night, but I'll share them anyway. Smith who is technically our 3rd string quarterback, but can do pretty much anything offensively making him awesome, threw a perfect 50 yard pass to Stevie Johnson who jumped up and narrowly snagged it with great coverage from Drayton Florence.

Florence, however had the second best play of the night when he ended the night by intercepting a throw meant for Lee Evans. This okapi sure loved seeing the Bills practice!

At the end of practice, I lined up and tried to get some autographs from our awesome team members. Now, this okapi is usually not a big autograph person and in fact has not asked for one since the 90s (and that was from Ani Difranco), but I really love the Bills. So, I managed to get my football signed by CJ Spiller, Josh Nesbitt, Fredie Jackson, Bryan Scott, and Jehuu Caulcrick.

The one that I wanted most, however, was for Freddie Jackson to sign this official photo that I have of him. So, while I waited in line for other players to walk by, I asked the Ewok if she would go get it for me and she did. Goddamn sweet. He's my favorite player, so I felt kind of bad for him when he was signing my football and heard these huge cheers coming from fans at the other side of the field. He looked over and said, "Oh, it's Stevie Johnson". He didn't sound upset or anything, but it kind of sucks that someone so much more consistent who really busted their ass to play in the NFL doesn't get that kind of fan response. 

Anyway, I shot Freddie Jackson a tweet later thanking him for the autograph and he responded right away (accidentally not hitting the "reply" button, but then correcting it to this). What an awesome guy who really appreciates his fans. I'm really glad that he plays for our team and can't wait to watch him on Sundays.


  1. it was a lot of fun I even got to wear one of okapi's bills hats so no one would know i was a newbie

  2. Fred Jackson is my favorite player too! Should be the every down back with his running, passing and blocking skills. And classy to boot. - Josie

  3. Yeah, he's a great guy, worked hard to get into the league and works his ass off now that he made it. He should definitely be the every down back.