Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Tandoor of India Review

Okapis love high quality buffets-I know that's kind of a misnomer, but stick with me here. I previously mentioned the Grand Super Buffet which is of higher quality than other area Chinese buffets, but I would argue that the Tandoor of India buffet is an easy two steps higher than them in simple overall food quality. Tandoor serves lunch buffet daily and dinner buffet on Tuesday nights.

This okapi's favorite thing at Tandoor is the Makhani Chicken pictured on the right. It is cooked in a tomato butter sauce and is amazingly good!  I also love dipping the deep fried bread pictured on the left in the creamy, sweet Makhani sauce. 

This is Fancy's plate and shows the vastness of options available at Tandoor. She loves the Saag Paneer  which is a soft cheese in a spinach curry (and the centerpiece of her plate pictured above). Fancy goddamn loves cheese, and that cheese is awesome, homemade, and plentiful. 

Fresh naan is delivered to your table during your meal and this hot, fresh, flat bread is always cooked to perfection. It is slightly crispy on the outside and doughy in the center.

This okapi does not touch the bar pictured above, but I thought I'd include it for those of you into chutney and chutney related items. Sorry about the image, I'm not sure why it looks like there's a fog hovering over this area. I assure you there is not a supernatural fog over the chutney area explaining why okapis don't eat it.

This is the dessert area and this okapi goddamn loves kheer (Indian rice pudding), but not coconut kheer. I'm not a huge coconut person, but Fancy who does dig it wasn't down with the coconut kheer either. 

What's great about this buffet is the overall quality of food, service, price (around $11 for lunch buffet), and selection. The buffet items change often, but some things are always served such as the Makhani Chicken and fried bread. The only negative about the experience is if you don't go early enough, the food begins to develop a film from sitting in chafing dishes too long or the fried bread begins to get hard in places from sitting around. This okapi gives Tandoor 4.5 stars and recommends it to anyone who even thinks they might like Indian food.

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