Thursday, July 14, 2011

"Grand Super Buffet" is Actually Not an Exaggeration!

Grand Super Buffet in Henrietta is the new favorite Chinese buffet of the okapi family. Now, let me start by saying that this isn't my favorite Chinese food, but my favorite buffet Chinese food. 

I am a firm believer that there are three types of Chinese food: 1-Authentic: go to China or a real Chinatown in a major city and you'll see what I mean. It is in a category all by itself and if you haven't tried it, get on a plane right now and do it, you'll thank me! 2-Take-Out/Sit Down: This is the top level of American Chinese food and totally delicious in its own right. 3-American Chinese Buffet: Not as high quality, fresh, or delicious as #2, but a lot more variety for your money.

So, as far as buffet Chinese food is concerned, this is your best bet in Rochester according to this okapi. This buffet is part of a chain with another location in Irondequoit and one in Greece, but this is by far the best of the three. They boast four full hot food stations, plus one salad bar/condiment, one dessert, one ice cream,one sushi/Mongolian grill, and on weekends one dim sum. This is a huge variety!


If you love seafood, this is the place for you. They have several shrimp dishes including garlic shrimp, coconut shrimp, fried shrimp, and even shrimp on ice. They have clams, whole fish, fried fish, craw fish, and sushi. All of this was on a weekday is very impressive, but on weekends they toss in crab legs and dim sum, not to mention their new "lobster Sundays"!

Other than seafood, they have several chicken dishes which are quite good including old standbys like sesame and sweet & sour chicken. The lo mein is the best I've had at a buffet (and better than many take-out places) which is quite an achievement, it is spiced just right and there are a lot of firm noodles. This okapi goddamn loves noodles. There are a ton of American foods as well including french fries, mac and cheese, beef roast, pizza, and fried chicken wings, so most kids should find something they like here.

They have the typical dessert assortment including pastries, Chinese doughnuts, and ice cream, but the best by far is the egg custard pastry: these are amazing!! If you can't find something for dessert here that you like-I give up on you. All in all, the buffet is really good and with several soup, salad, main dish, and dessert options, they strive to fit everyone's taste. The prices are fair as it rolls in at $11 per person during the week and only an extra buck for weekends.

These great fortunes were a happy conclusion to our meal and I will definitely return here (after my body are soothed, of course). I can't give this place 5 stars because of a couple of lackluster items: coconut shrimp, cheese wontons, spare ribs, and spinach with cheese. They weren't awful, but I've had much better. Also, the service is sub par since my water became empty and I had to seek someone out for chop sticks (none on buffet). I give it 4 stars and recommend it to anyone looking for a big variety for a good price.

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  1. ewwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!! fish heads! fish heads! rolley polley fish heads! -allison

  2. I am also not a fish head fan, but they were staged very well...

  3. They look delectable! Even the fish head looks delicious, though you don’t necessarily have to eat them if you’re not up for it. Authentic Chinese food is really the best, huh? Although take-out and American-Chinese are not that bad, nothing beats the original. Thanks for sharing you honest review!

    Bob Andrews @ Chili House SF