Saturday, July 23, 2011

Stoney's Mini Review

This is actually a mini-review of a Rochester diner: Stoney's on Lyell Ave. I went here a couple of days ago with my father and although I'd been there before for breakfast, this was my first lunch food experience. I love the old diner stand-by: grilled cheese. If a diner can do that well, this okapi is happy.

The bread is nicely toasted with a medium brown surface and not soggy at all. The cheese is melted and covered the bread fully providing a consistent taste experience. The fries are crispy and hot, not limp and oily: perfect.

Dad had what most folks know Stoney's for: breakfast. The eggs are perfectly poached in the cup, which is actually quite difficult to accomplish. One measure of a good diner is the ability to cook eggs in any way you want 'em with the poached being the most challenging, so well done.

Next up is that delightful toast you see above. It's rare to get some authentic Italian toast, but they have it. It's crispy on the outside and soft inside, toasted evenly. The butter isn't over whelming the toast or causing soggy-greasiness.

The potatoes are large and firm, clearly fresh cut, and browned on a grill. They're greasy, but it's expected because they're homefries. This isn't exactly a health meal folks. The sausage patties are large, hot, and tasty.

The waitress was friendly and refilled the coffee frequently. Food was fast and the bill came to just under $13 for both meals and a coffee. The price isn't too bad and the food is tasty, but if you want the most bang for your buck head there for breakfast. Most of those plates start out at under 5 bucks (before upgrades). This okapi gives Stoney's 4 stars.

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