Saturday, July 30, 2011

Tiffany Stories Part 11

Tiffany: There was a dog in the wedding.

Me: What?

T: Her name is Consuela Margarita Clarissa.

Me: Oh.

 So, the wedding happens and all is well. A few days later I see Tiffany and she tells me that the honeymoon only lasted two days. I asked why and she told me that they had college. I let her know that it was February break that week. She stared at me and said "Yeah, well, they have to prepare for school..." She walked away and rang out a customer.

When she returned, her game face was on again. She let me know that the honeymoon was supposed to be a week. The reason that it was cut short was the fighting. Tiffany then let me know how the fighting began BEFORE the wedding.  Here's what happened:

A couple of days before the wedding (while Tiffany was running around preparing the wedding) there was a situation at Barnes and Noble. Tiffany was there getting a book for the bride about...weddings when she saw Eric (the groom) at the book store with his ex, Karen. Eric dated Karen in high school. Everyone thought that they would be together, like forever, ya know? 

So, Eric was at Barnes and Noble drinking coffee and talking to Karen. Tiffany hid and watched them. Eric handed Karen a wedding invitation! He was specifically told NOT to invite her by Angela. So when he handed the invitation over to Karen, Tiffany took a picture with her camera phone and sent it to Angela! 

So, after the wedding everything got bad. When they returned home Karen left a message on Eric's phone. It said "I love you. I have always loved you and we should still be together." Since Eric and Angela have the same phone, Angela heard the message "by mistake". Clearly, Tiffany did not take voicemail codes into consideration when telling this story…

When Tiffany went to lunch with Eric he told her about this situation. Tiffany told him to erase the message. He asked what the point was as Angela already heard it. She said "No! You must erase it immediately!! Erase it!! It's the right thing to do!!" It turns out that Karen also sent a text message saying to leave his wife for her. Thanks to this Karen issue they are not speaking to each other. Well, that and they're having problems in the bedroom. So, they decided to go to therapy. Guess who has to go to therapy with them? That's right! Tiffany goes to therapy with them. 

I asked why and she told me that she is their common ground. Wow. They have been together this long and Tiffany is their common ground. Huh. Maybe she's right, they shouldn't have gotten married.  The next time I saw Tiffany she said "Okapi, there is a new man in my life!" Thank God.

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