Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Tiffany Stories Part 10

Last Friday* I'm standing at the service desk refilling a display when I look up to see Tiffany writing feverishly on a post-it note. There are three post-it notes spread out across her check-out lane. She looks up, closes one eye, looks at the ceiling with the other eye and begins to mumble to herself and count invisible items out by poking them with her pen in mid air.

I stare for a moment and then the inevitable "Hey, Tiffany! What the hell are you doing?"

Tiffany: I am planning a WEDDING, Okapi.

Me: Who's getting married? 

T: A friend of mine named Eric and his girlfriend, Angela. They are getting married on Sunday, so I don't have much time!

Me: THIS Sunday?

T: Yes. 

Wow. Tiffany has two days to plan a wedding! It's a good thing that she has Sunday off! I ask what she has done so far. She has the dresses being made, the flowers ordered, the venue set-up, and now is doing the last minute stuff. What a miracle! A 48 hour dress maker!

I see Tiffany again on Monday and she tells me that the wedding went great. It was in Buffalo. The bachelor party was on Friday night which Tiffany planned, of course. She drove up to Buffalo directly after work. (Note: Tiffany has never even driven on the expressway much less the thru-way as she is deathly afraid of high volumes of traffic. I know this because I had to drive her to our work Christmas party.) 

Her job during the bachelor party was to keep all of the men in the hotel room as the women were staying in the same hotel. Saturday everyone had to wake up at 4AM to go on a boat ride and watch the sunrise...IN BUFFALO IN JANUARY. Tiffany reports that it was quite cold. Everyone had breakfast and then the rehearsal took place. After that there was the bachelorette party. 

The wedding day was almost a disaster! No one could find the brides dress! The bride called Tiffany and asked if she had the dress. She did not. Tiffany called the bride's mother who also did not have the dress. She then called the groom's mother just in case she had the dress. She also did not know where the dress was. Tiffany then called the bride and told her to check the "Bride's Room". It was there. 

Why the hell was everyone calling each other if they were all in the same hotel? Why wouldn't one assume that the dress was in the "Bride's Room"? Especially if that someone was Tiffany who told the dressmaker to put it there? Then there were the bridesmaid's dresses. Some were too long, some had missing buttons, and some were too short! Tiffany called the dress maker and she rushed to the hotel. She did not mind as she only lives in Rochester.

The bride got cold feet and was hiding in the hotel. The groom got cold feet and was hiding under a table in the banquet hall where the reception was to be held.

*This was clearly many last Fridays ago...

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