Thursday, July 7, 2011

Tiffany Stories Part 6

So the news is that he isn't coming home after all. He is staying in South Carolina. Now Tiffany thinks that he might be cheating with Melissa. Melissa is a friend of his roommate. Actually Tiffany met her while Tre was in town. She is beautiful, you know. 
On Tiffany's birthday Tre didn't even call! He sent her a text message the next day saying "sorry I missed your birthday, hope it was a good one." They spoke on the phone the day after and she tells me that he tried to e-mail and IM her on her birthday and neither worked!  Oh, no!! The internet must be broken!
She was so upset telling me about this that she decided that she had to break up with him. The problem is that she couldn't call him immediately to break up with him. He was at work. I asked where he worked and I got a blank look followed by "near the college."
"You don't even know where he works?! Seriously?" 
"Okapi, he has SIX jobs. I don't know which one he's at right now!" Huh. Six jobs, school, AND polo! I'd forget to call someone on their birthday, too! 
The next time that she worked she told me that it was over. He was cheating with Melissa. She wasn't surprised and anyway she had already burned everything that he had "ever" given her. There were two teddy bears and some flowers he had given her for her birthday. Wait! He never sent her anything for her birthday!! When I mentioned this she simply replied "They were delayed two days because of the storm." So, that's the end of Tre. Don't worry, Tiffany wasn't too upset. She already had a date lined up for the following night with Kyle. If you want to know about Kyle, stop back by

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