Sunday, July 17, 2011

Rochester Pride: Queen Edition

This is part of a three piece series about the Rochester Pride Parade 2011. I will of course start out with the most important part of any parade: the Queens!!

This year's parade was much bigger than in years past. This is a huge year for New York on the path to equal rights, so we were out celebrating our new right to marry in force this weekend.

There seemed to be some sort of fairy tale theme to some of the Queens this year which is awesome!

We like to go down near where the parade ends and get some nice side street parking a few blocks away. We tend to secure a nice curbside spot and spread out under a tree on Park Ave near Goodman.

I'm happy to say that the furries were represented. This okapi would love to see people dressed in furry outfits at all times. (No I'm not one, but I do know some!)

This is an awesome three wheel vehicle that makes me think of The Undertaker. "Fancy" says that she would totally travel in a motorcycle like this because t isn't likely to flip over and cause a stick to go through her head.

Ah, Alice. Who doesn't love the Mad Hatter? My favorite part about this pic is that the grill of the truck isn't decorated. Wonderland, indeed.

Like the gurls up there, I too will wave goodbye to you my loyal and appreciated readers. Stay tuned for my next installment for some more Rochester Pride!


  1. Awesome photos. The one with the sign furry love and the lion are two friends of mine!