Friday, July 22, 2011

The Death of a Wegmans One Week Later

More emptiness has settled in on Britton Rd. Wegmans this past week. Notice the lack of candy/impulse items at the registers above. They look old and lonely.

Deli/prepared foods is mainly vacant. Last week there was still a full deli case and handful of employees.

The full and cheery display of doughnuts and bagels  in the otherwise empty bakery was a surprising find. Why keep stocking that?

That 30 pack of keystone ice is $5. 

All wharfed up.... BTW: Did you hear about Pittsford Wegmans getting a rare yellow lobster in a shipment and instead of selling it for a bunch of cash donating it to an aquarium? This is why we love Wegmans around here and mourn their deaths.

This is the dairy section which I showed half full last week. It has sort of a post-apocalyptic feel now...

Remember the bulk section from the last post? Well, it's gone now. You know what Walmart doesn't have? That's right, a bulk section. (If you answered "a soul" you still get full credit.)

Luckily, they're still stocking milk to go with the doughnuts and bagels. It's like a macabre "going away party" theme.

This okapi says, "Goodbye Britton Road Wegmans. I'll never forget all of the memories we have together: from my teenage years, early 20s, and then when we came together again recently upon my moving to your neighborhood. Thanks for everything." 


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