Monday, July 25, 2011

Critic's Restaurant Review

Fancy and I recently had lunch at Critic's in Greece Ridge Mall. It's a diner that has been around for a real long time and is known for consistently good chow at decent prices. We arrived in the early afternoon on a Saturday and the place was fairly busy.

Fancy ordered a California Chicken Wrap and made sure to ask for her ranch dressing on the side. To be specific she asked, "So, there's no dressing on the actual wrap,right?" The waitress said that was correct. When our food came out, Fancy started to eat it and was confused as to why there was caesar dressing dripping out the bottom. They actually served her a Chicken Caesar Wrap...with ranch on the side. She didn't want to complain and just ate it...I would have handled it differently, but you know.

That being said, she did enjoy the wrap. The chicken was juicy and it was perfectly filled. Lettuce, tomato, and chicken was evenly distributed for a consistent taste experience. They put her ranch dressing on my plate and my blue cheese on hers-not a huge deal, but it adds to my unhappiness since her entire order was already wrong.

This okapi loves buffalo chicken. I love buffalo chicken fingers, sandwiches, and wraps. So, of course I had to try out the Critic's version of the local favorite: buffalo chicken sandwich. I was very happy that they really hammered down the chicken breast to a nice, thin layer of breaded deliciousness. The sauce wasn't messy or just (jeebus for bid) poured over the top; it's really cooked in there which was nice.

The fries were of the "extra crispy" variety which is always nice and these lived up to the name. They were fresh and hot, if a little too greasy. The sandwich is usually served with lettuce and tomato, but I asked for that to be held. The roll was nicely toasted and I was happy to see that the chicken was longer than the roll.

So, the food was quite good and piping hot which is important, but so is accuracy. The waitress was friendly, if a bit absentee and the prices were fair. I'm a bit torn about this rating because we admittedly didn't give the place an opportunity to correct the mistake. Fancy hates it when this okapi has to complain about an issue, so since it was her meal, it was her call. Okay, I'll quit stalling. This okapi gives Critic's 3 stars overall.

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