Friday, July 29, 2011

The Great Chair Adventure

This okapi goddamn loves furless dogs. Those wonderpups up there are my 3 member furless family and they LOVE to sit with me. Can you spot the problem with my recliner? 

This is what it usually looks like from my perspective (once I pull back the blanket of course, because furlesses goddamn love blankets). The Captain looks shocked because I pulled back his protective blanket layer, in fact.

Anyway, the point is there wasn't much space for me and 3 furlesses on that tiny chair. There was always at least one dog head (or entire body) on each of my legs. This made it hard to use Mr. Laptop.

Double doggies made it I knew something must be done. I went on Craigslist and looked at the listing of recliners. I know, someone used CL for something other than looking at cocks! Okay, I looked at that, too, but then I looked at recliners...

I found an awesome double wide recliner listed for $50, not a bad deal at all. I shot the poster an email asking if it was still available and then continued to look at recliners. Guess what I found? The same chair by the same poster for $35 posted the week before. I know what you're thinking: "Who raises a price when they can't sell something? And why didn't they just delete the old post?!"

So, when they let me know it was still available I wrote back asking if the price was still $35 and if it was, I'd love to come take a look at it. I noticed from the pic that a board may have been broken in the back, so $35 seemed fair. They wrote back and said they could let it go for $35 which is good, because otherwise they shouldn't have posted it for that amount. Am I right?

Fancy works on the east side where the chair lived, so she stopped by to look at it after work. She forgot her Droid at home that day, so naturally we both had to worry that she'd be murdered when she went to look at Mr. Recliner II. About a half hour after she got out of work, she called me from the seller's phone to tell me that I needed to come help her load it in the car. In Victor. 

So, I had to put away the furlesses, put gas in my Sharky, and drive to Victor. I got stuck in traffic and lost thanks to google maps. When I finally arrived, I found Fancy and the sellers drinking wine and smoking cigarettes while they waited for me. "You want a beer?!" I was asked excitedly as I walked through the door. No, I don't want a beer. I want to know why two perfectly healthy, drunk people couldn't help Fancy load the car, but for $35 I don't bitch. They all insist that I try out my new chair which I do to humor them and then we can finally leave. The guy takes off the back of the chair and acts shocked that the board is broken.

Meanwhile, the lady tells Fancy all about this mattress in great shape that she has for sale. She finishes this sales pitch by saying that she just has to clean the blood off of it because she hemorrhaged on it at one point. What would have made it in bad shape?

We left and I brought the chair to this okapi's good buddy Mr. Fix-It (the smart version of my other friend, Mr. Patch-It). Mr. Fix-It reinforced the old board and attached a new piece of wood across the break. He finished the job by cutting off the edges of the's now stronger than it was when manufactured. YAY, MR FIX-IT!!!

Look at that space!! I can fit furlesses on both sides of me or all on one side! The space doubles when the foot rest comes up because it's attached, which is even better. This okapi loves Mr. Recliner II and Rochester area CL: great deals, unique people, and a great cock pic assortment. If you haven't checked it out lately, why not head over there and take a look around? You never know what awesomeness you might find. 

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