Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Tiffany Stories Part 8

Tiffany: It was just terrible!

Me: What was terrible?


Me: What happened?

T: We went to the movie and it was awesome!! Then we went to his house and he made me chicken parm.
(Yeah, so, it used to be veal.)

Me: What did you have with the chicken?

T: (blank look)...asparagus?

Me: that’s disgusting.

T: No, the asparagus was fine, but I've had better veal at RESTAURANTS. (Now it's veal again. This is strange.) We had wine with it. (It was originally champagne, but, you know, whatever...)

Me: Oh no! That sounds terrible!! How did you ever survive that date?

T: (glare) I'm not done. After dinner we went down to the basement and played Operation and Life!! 

Me: Hahahahahahahahahhahahah

T: What? I love those games and so does he!! What is so funny?

Me:’re 21 years-nevermind. Go on.

T: Then we started kissing and

Me :( disgusted look) dude.

T: He is a terrible kisser. And he was feeling me up the whole date. We're over!!

Me: How did he take it?

T: He doesn't know, but he will be crushed. 

After this I didn't see her for a few days because we were short on payroll. When I saw her again I asked if she was seeing anyone new. She said that she was avoiding romance as she now wants to move out of state. I was crushed. So, I thought "it's ending. Oh, no. This is terrible." Again, I didn't see her for days and when I did she was quiet. No stories. No nothing. And then I worked with her today. As soon as she saw me, she said "guess who I heard from." 

I said "Tre?!"

"Oh, yes and have I got a story for you." 
Stay tuned!

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