Monday, July 4, 2011

Tiffany Stories Part 3

You are all thinking "If Tre lives in South Carolina, why was his whole family in Rochester?" Well, I asked that. A moment of silence and then "He goes to school in South Carolina." 
Where? The University of South Carolina of course! So, I say "Shouldn't he be headed back to school already?" 

She tells me that he still has a couple of weeks. (note: according to USC website the Spring semester started two weeks prior to this conversation) I ask what he's going to school for and she says: "to.........psychology"
Okapi:"To psychology?!" 
Tiffany:"No, uh, for psychology. And he's great at it!"
O: "Really?"
T: "Oh, yeah!! I call him up with problems all the time and he talks me through them."
O: "Do you have a lot of issues?" 
T: *glare* "yeah, I guess."
About three days later I ask her what's new and she tells me that Tre has gone back to South Carolina early. This was done to take extra classes to graduate early
. Yeah, you guessed it, she has no fucking clue how college works. Well, I let it go. She was, after all, soooo upset. Tre was supposed to take her to Vegas for her 21st birthday. It's a good thing that she never asked for those days off from work! I asked her if Tre plays any sports. She paused and then said "polo". There was another associate there for this and we exchanged a glance. When Tiffany walked away, the associate said "Isn't polo that British game with HORSES?" Yes, it is as a matter of fact. When she came back we asked if he played polo with the HORSES? She said "yes...and water polo as well." We asked where the horses come from. She said that the college owns them, of course. I immediately went and looked this up. There are no polo teams of any kind at USC. 
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