Thursday, July 21, 2011

Tiffany Stories Part 9

Tiffany: So, I had my phone off, right? And then I turned it on to get a call mom. I had 8 voice mails! They were all from Tre.

Me: Wow! What did he have to say?

T: The first message was "Hi". The second was "Hi Tiffany, it's me" The third was "Hi Tiffany, it's me Tre." You know it kept getting longer. The eighth one said "Hi Tiffany. How have you been?"  Melissa found out that he had been cheating on me when they first got together. She freaked out and dumped him. He now realized how much he missed me. He said that if I didn't have a boyfriend, he wants me back! He said that he would be in town for Valentine's Day and wanted to see me.

Me: So?

T: I erased all of his messages. I am done with him.

Me: Wow. 

T: Then my phone rang and it was him. I picked it up and he said "Tiffany, look behind you." I did and there he was!! He had roses and a bottle of wine!

Me: Where were you?

T: (blank look with pause) my car! I had just pulled into my driveway. He pulled up behind me and got out of his car with the wine and roses.

Me: That's fucking crazy, man.

T: So, I took the roses and threw them on the ground. I stomped on them. I took the bottle of wine, opened it, and dumped it on him!! My dad told him that if he ever went near me again, he would be shot. 
(Where did she get the goddamn corkscrew from??)

Me: So, that's it? You're done?

T: Yes. Then I called his mom and told her. She told me that she would disown him. She is done with him because of what he did to me. She is going to have me take his place. She loves me.


  1. man i wish i worked with her it would have given me so much entertainment