Saturday, August 13, 2011

Pok-A-Dot Review

Fancy and I have our 6 year anniversary on Sunday and so, we're celebrating...all damn weekend! We started our celebration yesterday by heading to The Batavia Downs Casino to drop a few bucks and decided to finally check out the (nearly) famous Pok-A-Dot lunch counter. 

There's a sign on the door letting folks know that they're famous for their Beef on Wecks, so we sure got one of those. It was nice and juicy with a fresh roll that did not fall apart. They also gave us a small saucer of horseradish to apply as needed. I would definitely recommend it, and $4.10 just isn't a bad price for this thick, tasty, beef sandwich.

We also ordered the Pok-A-Dot Special: double cheeseburger with fries and a large drink for just under $7. This burger was juicy and thinly pressed which I love. It fit in my mouth and you could still taste all the great toppings. It's served on a fresh, grilled hard roll which is goddamn awesome.

The order of fries was super generous and I get the feeling that she hooked us up because we were splitting the order. Every single person who walked through the door knew the lady behind the counter by name and they were busy on a Friday at 3PM, so yeah, I'm guessing she used her judgement and gave the okapi family a few extra fries. I love her.

My soda was served in a frosted mug and I got mountain dew. Everyone else who ordered anything to drink got the root beer, so maybe they're know for that, too? I don't know because okapis don't goddamn like root beer. Or root beer floats. Or cream soda for that matter...

Our food was fantastic and the bill came to under $12. Everything on the menu is very reasonably priced and the food is cooked quickly while you watch, just on the other side of that counter there. The lady behind the counter was very friendly, and the atmosphere was fantastic: it's a 50s style hole in the wall that hasn't changed much since it opened over 50 years ago. It gets 5 stars, so if you're ever in Batavia, check it out, but bring cash, because like most places with this vibe it's a CASH ONLY establishment.

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  1. I love rootbeer!! Frosted mug!!! Frosted mug!!!

  2. You should go there next time you're in...Batavia...