Monday, August 1, 2011

Stoney's Mini Review Volume Deux

A week ago I did a mini-review of Stoney's on Lyell Ave and at the end I said that breakfast is what they seem to do best. That's not to say that I didn't dig the grilled cheese that I had, but the combo breakfast for under $5 is great value.

I have my $3.95 breakfast pictured above and it was delicious! I requested the eggs sunny side up and the bacon/home fries well done. Okapis love well done bacon. They did a great job with my special instructions and the only downside was the egg pictured on the left. It was overcooked, so no real yolk for me to dip my toast into. Oddly, their expertise in (poached) egg cooking was one of the high points of my last mini review.

That's Fancy's breakfast. She ordered the same as me except dry toast and eggs over hard. The potatoes were greasy, but hey, that's expected. They are flavorful and although crispy, not burnt. The bacon wasn't overly fatty, and had a good thickness.

We splurged a little and added a $3 short stack of french toast for breakfast dessert. It was cooked evenly and quite tasty. I enjoyed the crispy on the outside and soft on the inside deliciousness dipped in syrup. It totally made me happy.

All in all, breakfast was quite good. I had a hot tea because this okapi hates coffee, and it was great. They actually heated the water enough which is half the battle for good tea. Fancy had some orange juice and the total bill came to $15. Our waitress was efficient and friendly, and the prices were fair. I would still give Stoney's 4 stars. Oh, they only serve breakfast until 11 on weekdays, so you'll have to actually get up in the AM to grab this meal.

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