Thursday, August 18, 2011

Post-Apocalyptic Tennis Courts

This okapi loves to play tennis, but no one else does that I know, so today I went to hit some balls against a wall. The only place in my immediate area that has some tennis walls is Greece Athena High School.

Last year it was hard to find a good time to play because the tennis team practiced a lot, but this year there isn't even a net up.

In fact, there were four other courts (and two walls) where this field is now. I understand that other sports are more popular, but they could at least maintain the courts that they didn't tear down.

I mean, weeding isn't all that hard. Last year there were a bunch of kids on the tennis team, where did they all go?! 

Now, there isn't even really a place to sign up to play. I'm a little annoyed that the one thing that I actually used which is supported by my (ridiculous) Greece school taxes isn't even taken care of any more. Also, I know other sports are more popular, but they should still have a tennis team. Right?

The whole place has fallen into disrepair and I don't buy the budget crunch argument because they could afford to tear down four courts and make that new, fancy field. Come on, Greece, fix the damn tennis courts!


  1. Another reason to live in Chicago: ample tennis courts and cheap park district leagues and workshops for adults. - Josie

  2. Hahahaha...I'm sure Chicago does most things better than Rochester (well un-region specific food related things anyway).