Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Vehicle Break-In Report Card (or: why there is a paper allowance on law students)

I walked out of class yesterday and found this postcard (image cropped to avoid distinguishing marks) on my windshield. So, okay I guess it's nice that they try and make sure we aren't setting ourselves up for theft, but let me (as an ex-office supply store employee) nerd out on you for a moment. SUNY is cutting costs and we law students have a paper budget and blahblahblah...but these cards are printed on high quality card stock in color. Shit ain't cheap, folks. Neither is paying someone to check every goddamn car in the parking lots two days in a row.

Anyway, I came out today and this card was on my windshield. See that? Yesterday my vehicle passed the vehicle break in test, but today it failed. NOTHING changed in my vehicle from yesterday to today, so I'll kick this out to you, dear readers, to decide what it was that qualified as "valuable" in my vehicle. I narrowed it down to three items. And yes, these are the most "valuable" items in my car. Please cast your vote on the top right hand side of the homepage (or leave a comment here if you need more options).

A)Toby's mom's Dunder Mifflin cup.

B) These lottery tickets (worth around $5).

C) This empty (but hey, they don't know that) box of beer.


  1. I'm reading this through my phone and don't see a vote option on here..so ill post my choice here. I would day the beer is the most valuable but then again it could be the lottery tickets since they may not be able to see the value of them. I still stick with beer.

  2. shoot your car is a hobos dream!

  3. I also read this on my phone so my vote is for the beer. Probably the kid who checked your car thought you left your beer in a steaming hot car, not cool.

  4. My car is a hobo's dream...in fact there could be one sleeping in there right now. Beer is in the lead so far!

  5. Aaaaaand empty beer box won by a landslide!!