Sunday, March 11, 2012

Spaz is the Best Wrestler EVER.

Wrestling is AWESOME.  You know how I know?  I went to a local match yesterday, and it was the best event I've been to since...the Wyoming County Parade.  

I have a favorite wrestler.  Spaz up there is FUCKING wonderful.  He's like a mini-version of Drewcifer.  This guy even humps his opponents leg.  

He and his Pikachu have matching masks...he even talks to his Pikachu before he wrestles.  During intermission he walks around like a tiny, slinking animal and encourages people to scratch his head.  This is a pic of him investigating my camera.

Later, he was trying to get the lady in the row in front of us to pay attention to him, and when she ignored him he climbed onto her lap.  Then he stared at Fancy and looking curious, stepped toward her.  
Fancy: "Hey, dude."  
Spaz: *staring curiously and stepping closer*
Me: (exasperated)"Fancy, pet him!"  
Fancy: (sounding put out) "Why?"
Me: "Because he's cute."
Fancy: *scratches Spaz's head*

Unfortunately he didn't win his match, but he did make a new fan.  This guy rocks.  At the end of the night, I said to Fancy: "I want one!!"  To which she responded: "That's just what we need: something else we have to pet and pretend to like."  Awesome.  

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