Thursday, March 8, 2012

Blue Ocean Review

Blue Ocean is a Japanese restaurant in my neighborhood that offers certificates on, so Ewok and I hit it up for a little dinner this week.  That up there is Ewok's bento box.  She got the tempura shrimp and veggies.  It was served with a California roll, rice, soup, and salad.

Since we had the certificate for $25 off $35, we grabbed a pork gyoza appetizer for $5.  It was extremely tasty and had a great texture.  These were light, yet slightly crispy on the outside.  I really enjoyed them.

I got a bento box as well.  Mine had chicken teriyaki and tempura chicken.  The teriyaki sauce, and the tempura dipping sauce is delicious.  It is sweet and salty.  This was served with tempura vegetables, a California roll, rice, soup, and salad.  Ewok wished she knew the box automatically came with the veggies, because then she would have gotten some chicken, too.  

Each box was around $17, which is a good value for how much food you get.  The staff is very friendly, and the food is served super fast.  It's a great little place.  If you're ever over on the westside, 4.5 okapi stars says, check this little gem out.  

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