Monday, September 12, 2011

Monte Alban: Webster Review

Some of you long time readers might remember me posting that Monte Alban was one of the three best places to eat in Irondequoit. Last night I was in Webster, so I stopped into their sister location with Ewok and Spider Lady. 

This was my second time at the Webster location and I must say that the Irondequoit one is far better. I have never had a bad meal at the Irondequoit one, but the Webster one has let me down for a second time.

We started out with chips, salsa, and I ordered the cheese dip. The first basket of chips were a little stale which is not a great start and the salsa was watery. Usually it's thick and flavorful, but not this time.

For our main meal Ewok had the "special" which was a fish burrito. How that is special or why anyone would want to eat that is beyond me, but the Ewok swears by it; so if you like fishes and burritos, give it a try! Spider Lady and I each had a combo platter and these run just under 8 bucks. 

The combo platters were good, but stopped short of fantastic. I also bought my favorite thing which is this fried chicken burrito pictured above. It was good, but would have been better had it been hot. This is the second time at this location that I have gotten less than hot food while they were busy.

This fine dessert is a "xango" which is cheesecake filling in a flour tortilla fried. This was delicious and served with ice cream. It bears mentioning here that although the place was busy, the waitress was very nice and I believe the ENORMOUSLY long wait for dessert as well as the chicken burrito issue was the fault of the kitchen staff.

Under the light, fluffy whipped cream forcefield is a thin layer of honey and then a nice big scoop of fried vanilla ice cream. This too was very tasty. We were going for a dessert platter experience here, can you tell?

Ewok had ordered the Fried Banana, but after several minutes we were notified that they had run out. What are the chances? So, we got the flan. Ewok wanted me to let you know that it was bad and the texture was all wrong. 

So, overall this okapi has to give Monte Alban: Webster 3 stars: a mediocre rating for a very mediocre experience. (Note: I went back and forth between 2.5 and 3 stars for this rating and settled on 3 due to service and price.)  
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  1. who doesn't like a good fish taco? haha! or in this case burrito. it tasted just like the seafood chimichanga from ChiChis if anyone remembers that place