Monday, September 5, 2011

The Great Bathtub Adventure

The folks who owned the house before we did chose to put a tub liner over an iron bathtub. Less than a year after living here water seeped under the liner making it feel like you were showering on a Bosu ball.

Mr. Fix-It cut a hole in the liner so that we didn't  fall and die which triggered a mold obsession with Fancy. She fretted tirelessly about the mold that had to be forming under the liner and biding its time to kill us (or kill our home resale value-whichever came first).

We finally decided to purchase a new tub (around $500) after being told it would cost about $5000(!) to put in a liner. So, Mr. Harley (Fancy's dad) came over to install the new tub with Little Bro White Tiger and his boyfriend in tow to do the clean up work. I called Mr. Fix-It to help pull out the (ridiculously heavy) old tub and when he arrived he realized that he needed to help Mr. Harley do the whole job. He was super happy.

So, they pulled out the old tub and occasionally yelled for the boys to clean up and many hours went by. Mr. Fix-It's whole head was red and this okapi thought he was going to kill someone. Mr. Fix-It hates bathtubs.

Eventually they got it all put together and bolted to the wall. It was officially safe to use (although there were a few...gaps).

The new tub is a little smaller than the old one, so there is a gap on the floor, too. A month later and we're still trying to  figure out exactly what to do about that. So, anyway this is what it looked like upon the departure of Mr. Fix-It and Mr. Harley...and so it stayed for a week.

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