Friday, September 16, 2011

Pino's Review

As you might remember, this okapi sure does love pasta and my favorite place to have lunch pasta is Pino's on Ridge Road. The sauce is delicious and this (ultra heavy container) runs just under $6.

Fancy is more of a greens and beans girl, and they do it for $3.99 per pound. Today when I popped by for pasta I grabbed her a pound. She said it's definitely good. 

They sell the sausage individually at $1.50 per link, so I grabbed one for each of us. It should be noted here that Pino's  doesn't always have the same hot food items each day and they usually run out of several selections by 12:30. Also, they're usually rather busy, so take a number when you walk in!

These mini loaves of Italian bread are called "paninis" at Pino's and they are made fresh daily, but only cost $0.75. Awesome.

Lastly I got this nice, large brownie for us to split. Pino's always has subs, cold cuts, cheeses, and pepperoni for sale. They also feature baked goods from Debbie Fedele's (this brownie not included). It's a true "NY Deli" experience as they are super busy and expect you to know exactly what you want when you get to the counter.This okapi gives Pino's 4.5 stars. I would totally recommend this place for lunch, so if you're ever in Greece around noon, check it out! 

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