Saturday, September 10, 2011

Where Things Are Most Likely To Attack Me

If I disappear on a Monday or Wednesday, this is probably where it happened.

This is my walk to class on those days and it apparently goes through a horror movie set.

I have class at 8AM, so there is really no one (alive) in the building when I arrive.

There are concrete walls and these very helpful mirrors at the top. This way I could see the killer coming, you know, when it's too late. 

Then as you get closer to the classrooms you begin to see signs of where you are. I mean, wouldn't you expect a wall in an area like this to say something more like "Human skin mask owner, human skin lamp user"?

Someone was clearly upset by the order of the clean, white classrooms and wanted the hall anarchy to continue in. Hey, I'll bet if they found the person who bastardized the area with neat classrooms, they would interrogate them.

And this is where it would take place. This may have been the creepiest spot in the whole area.


  1. dude this is sooo creepy! how can the college actually allow conditions like this to exist? but since it does I kinda want to experience it

  2. Well, it is the basement. It's sort of like an adventure...