Saturday, August 4, 2012

Fisher's Country Eats & Treats

We were driving from Lancaster to Rochester via Route 104 when we decided to stop at an ice cream stand.  Thus, I have no idea what town this is in, but if anyone can drop it in the comments I'd be appreciative. (Update: It's in Medina.  Thanks, anonymous!)

They had a nice selection of Perry's ice cream, and the prices were average.  Fancy had that giant cone up there and enjoyed every bite.  Our niece had the red velvet ice cream which I found a tad rich.

There are two awesome things about this place.  The first is pictured above: they make "doggie" sundaes!!  How awesome is that?  Tell you what, if Tiger Pup had been with us she would have loved some vanilla ice cream with dog treats in it!  Best idea ever.

The second awesome part about the place is that they offer deep fried sweet corn for a buck.  Yeah, you read that right.  There were three of us that tasted it with the following reactions: 1) It tastes like corn, 2) it tastes greasy, and 3) it tastes like McDonald's french fries.  So, you should, um, try it for yourself?

I had a peanut butter sundae which was delicious.  They got the sauce all the way to the bottom, so it was consistently tasty the whole way through.  

Oh, and they have a produce stand next door.  They really want you to go try it.  Also, they want you to play mini golf.  This place is awesome.  I give it 5 starts for courtesy, selection, and of course small town creativity.

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  1. it's located in Medina, NY on rte 104