Friday, March 29, 2013

End of March Update

I haven't posted in nearly two weeks, because I have been pretty damn sick.  I went a really long time without being sick, and then, BAM!  So, anyway, now I'm back.  As I've been sick and boring, there isn't much to really blog about.

I did get to eat these fine pancakes.  That was awesome.  Also, I've been doing a lot of (not) exciting schoolwork.  

Billy has been driving everyone in this house crazy.  He chases the dogs' tails (even when they are in their crates).  He jumps into the bunny cage and plays with the bundiks' hay.  He randomly tackles the other cats.  He's really been making us pay for taking his balls.

I pulled back a blanket recently and caught Mr. Biff and his arch-nemesis, The Captain, cuddling while holding hands.  Mr. Biff is not pleased.  However, all the furless dogs are super happy that the weather is finally warming up.  Furlesses hate being cold.

Lastly, Eddie is still evil/cooler than everyone.  

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