Thursday, May 31, 2012

Farewell Felines

Fancy and I found out a few days ago that our ferret-cat, Steve, was hit by a car and killed a few blocks from the house.  He had been missing for a couple weeks, but we weren't worried at first, because he tends to wander during the nice weather.

He was loved by everyone who met him.  He had pretty green eyes, a super soft coat, and was incredibly friendly.  Here he is helping me study for the LSAT, he was helpful that way.  He always purred, and rubbed against all of the dogs to greet them when he came through the house.  He also let anyone in the house pick him up, pet him, and rub his belly.  He will be sorely missed, especially by Fancy as he was her favorite cat.

Less than a week after finding out about Steve, our other kitty, Sandra Flea, was hit by a car and killed in front of our house.  It was exactly where our last striped cat, Newki was killed last year.  We are very sad to have lost two feline members of our family.

It is especially frustrating, because these are unnecessary casualties.  It is unnecessary for people to speed down these residential side streets.  I wish people would consider that people have pets who cross the streets.  We do not live on main road.  

Some people may disagree with our choice to let our cats outside, but they are animals that enjoy to hunt and prowl.  Their quality of life is much higher if they go outside and their happiness with the outdoors is apparent.  So, we say goodbye to Steve and Sandra, and hope they are enjoying hunting in the big field of catnip in the sky.

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