Monday, June 4, 2012

Ted's Hot Dogs (or how Buffalo is like an alternate universe Rochester)

Ah, Buffalo.  As Ewok pointed out, it's like bizarro Rochester.  Whereas in the Roc we have hot dog places that boast fat pop-open Zweigle's smothered in region-specific meat hot sauce, Buffalo has long, thin Sahlen's with a region specific hot relish sauce.  It's like the most opposite one can get with, um, hot dogs and hot sauce.  Also, in the Roc we like to serve up a thicker french fry (usually crinkle cut) or better yet home fries and mac salad with our dogs.  In Buffalo they do the shoestring fries.

Also, they do their onion rings a little differently.  In the Roc, you'll usually find a battered onion ring, but at Ted's they serve 'em breaded.  My opinion on this is a little biased as many of you know Western NY separates into Rochester and Buffalo people with only the Bills holding us together.  So, I won't be offering a star point review here.  I goddamn love meat hot sauce.  I actually really like Sahlen's hot dogs cooked out on my grill at home, but at a restaurant I expect the bigger, juicier Zweigle's bang for my buck.  I like thicker fries and always feel let down by shoestring ones.  However, what I will say is the onion rings are amazing.  The breading is a little lighter and soaks up less grease than battered ones, so you get a more balanced taste experience.  If you're in Buffalo, check this place out.  Oh, and top it off with an Anderson's frozen custard: it's like a bizarro Abbot's.

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  1. I wonder if there are bizarro versions of us wandering the streets of Buffalo?

  2. God, I hope I don't run into them...