Monday, June 18, 2012

Mackworth Island, Maine: Fairy Village

The village is the second major point of interest on the island (after the pet cemetery, of course).  I have to admit prior to this I never really saw a fairy house, but it seems like most other people know about them.  If you want to know a little more or figure out how to make one, check out this link.

One of the people I work with said if she saw this particular fairy house in the woods somewhere she would think there was cult activity afoot.  Dang, can't a fairy have a little stonehenge ambiance??

Since fairy houses are made out of natural materials it was interesting to see the creative uses of island materials.  Here, a bit of seaweed was incorporated.

Some folks stuck to strictly forest materials to create small cabins for the woodland loving fairies.

Others went for an ocean cottage feel.  This even has a sand dollar, which we saw very few of in our New England travels.

Still others blended both and went for a tepee-like architecture.  

A note was posted by the island park department to remind folks not to build giant, dangerous fairy homes.  Makes me wonder what kind of structure brought on this note...


  1. I love making fairy houses!! Did you guys build one?

  2. Aren't they supposed to bring good luck and good health to the land they're on or something?