Thursday, June 7, 2012

Duff's...the StarTAC of wings

So, Duff's is one of the places known for wings in good 'ol Buffalo.  I've had them twice, and have been less than impressed both times.  There, I said it.  Thing is, I thought the first time was a bit of a fluke, but no.  They're a little bland, and not nearly as hot as their sign lets on.  (However, if you're not from the area, you might think the hot is hot.  People not from 'round these parts don't know what hot wing sauce is.)

Now, before you Duff lovers leave home to stalk/kill me, let me just give my little disclaimer:  I often prefer the Roc version of things, so I'm not going to rate this place.  People in Buffalo like to say "Anchor Bar invented the wing, but Duff's perfected it!!"  I prefer to believe any number of small, hole in the walls places perfected the wing.  That's not to say Anchor Bar and Duff's aren't important, because wings  wouldn't be where they are today if it weren't for those places.  So, like the VHS tape of wings...

Since this is Buffalo, you know they're serving some shoestring fries.  This is the generous portion I was served as part of the lunch special, which included 10 wings and 2 sides for $11-$12.  No complaints there.

My buddy GeeGee got the burger, and to be perfectly honest I should have got that too.  She reports it was good.  Again, the price was decent.

This is the chicken wing soup.  It was BY FAR the best part of my meal.  It was goddamn delightful.  Also, the serving size was HUGE for a side dish.  Okay, so here's what I think:  people are expected to love this place, and if you're not from Western NY, I can even see how you might.  People from the region should try different places, and see what they like.  A lot of places have a sweeter or more flavorful sauce in any number of ways.  

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