Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Zebb's (Greece) Review

Zebb's, a regional chain restaurant known for their "toppings bar," opened a Greece location a few months ago.  The first time Fancy and I went there we had a bad experience.  The food was okay and the service was passable, but that's not the experience I'm looking for.  However, they were newly opened, so we decided to give them another try before I reviewed the place.

That second chance seemed doomed to repeat the first when we first arrived and asked our waitress which beers they had on tap.  She responded, exasperatedly that they have a lot of beers on tap.  Hmm...that wasn't what I asked.  However, Fancy asked for the Scotch Ale, which they had.  Luckily the experience quickly improved.

Fancy and I had a strange order.  We each wanted a french onion soup and to split a chicken sandwich.  I asked for a second plate and a knife when I ordered, telling the waitress our plan.  Now, all restaurants handle this sort of thing differently, but I have never had one be as accommodating as Zebb's.

They gave us two separate baskets with the side of sauce I ordered in each, a half sandwich, and a full order of fries.  For free.  This was a great example of going above and beyond to (unexpectedly) make a customer happy.  Not only did they make that effort, but the food was delicious, and the french onion soup was some of the best we've had.  This is a compliment of the highest order from Fancy.

The fries were the crispy variety that so many restaurants prefer as of late, and the chicken sandwich was very juicy.  The toppings bar had all of the things you might expect such as lettuce, tomato, and onion, plus two kinds of pickles and a few other items.  Our waitress even turned out to be very pleasant, so I chalk up our earlier interaction to a newer waitress who didn't actually know which beers were available.  This okapi gives Zebb's Greece a 5!  Oh, and if you go there get the cookies.  They're awesome, I just forgot to take pics.

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