Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Venus Greek and Mediterranean (Buffalo) Review

I was in Buffalo hanging with Paradox this past week, and a friend of mine, J.R., suggested we hit Venus for some Greek/Mediterranean food.  This is a walk up and order place, so you have a good shot at it being really good.  Paradox had the chicken souvlaki, which he reports as being really rather good.

J.R. and I each had a mix plate.  It comes with gyro meat, souvlaki, and some other kind of marinated chicken served over rice and/or french fries.  This is all covered with a garlic sauce.  It was sort of like a Greek garbage plate, so I really liked it.  It's rare that you find something really different, but this place pulls it off nicely.  I would be remiss if I didn't point out that the garlic sauce is really good.  J.R. even pushed Paradox to order an extra side for his french fries, so yeah, try the damn garlic sauce.  

They have a several beverage options and even deliver to the immediate area.  My only complaint is that the girl who brought us our food gave a fork and napkin to my two companions, but I had to get my own.  I'm not sure if this is a gender thing or what, but I didn't appreciate it.  (UPDATE: J.R. told me they usually do not bring your utensils to the table, so they may have done it for him because he's a regular.  Still, it doesn't explain why only 2/3 of the people at our table got this special courtesy.) However, this bad staff experience was balanced by an extremely friendly male employee who seemed to want to make sure we were very happy.  So, this okapi gives Venus 4.5 stars.  If you're near Buffalo it's worth a detour to eat at this place.

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  1. A greek garbage plate I might actually eat that