Monday, July 16, 2012

Salvatore's Latta Review

We haven't been to a Salvatore's for quite a while (for reasons explained below), but we're glad we gave them another try.  That up there is a pizza ordered thin, which might seen odd considering their regular crust is on the thin side.  However, I like my pizza about 1.5-2 times the thickness of NY style pizza, so ordering Salvatore's thin gets me right where I like to be.  On a side note, if you like it NY thin, they do that too, but call it "thin-thin."  Anyway, one of the things I really like about it is the sauce/cheese balance.  I love sauce and Fancy loves cheese, so if a place is too heavy (or light) handed on either, one of us is unhappy.  They go with a sweeter sauce and a hint of garlic, which is just how we like it.

The bottom is perfectly brown, not too oily, and firm with a light garlicy flavor.  Also, the cheese is nicely browned at the edges for an extra crunch. Last up we have the wings.  They give a nice pooling of sauce at the bottom, so you can have them as wet as you like.  We get the Buffalo hot, well done, and they performed perfectly.  These aren't tiny wings, and they are plenty flavorful.

Fancy and I used to eat Salvatore's pizza a lot, but got away from it due to some less than stellar performances by their Lake Avenue location and a refusal to deliver to us from another location a mile further away.  Admittedly we have a slightly complicated order (including a square cut on a medium pizza), but most places can handle it just fine.  Also, Salvatore's is a bit higher priced than some other local places, so the mess ups (mostly on the thickness of the crust or just plain cold food) was unacceptable.

Now they've opened a Latta Road location, which will deliver to us, so we decided to give them another shot.  The meal was perfect, and the online ordering system was extremely user friendly.  They let you customize even weird stuff like my square cut, which is nice.  Also, they offer to send text messages to keep you up to speed on where your order is, and a one click option to save your favorite meals (including specials from their "coupon" page).  My only real complaint is the delivery charge of $2.50 is a bit steep.  All in all this okapi gives Salvatore's 4.5 stars.

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  1. If you like thin, square cut pizza you should move to Chicago. Until the recent Neopolitan pizza craze it was the only option outside of (yuck) stuffed.