Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Lobster Shack Ogunquit, Me.

This week Fancy, Mr. Fix-it, Spider Lady, and I are in Maine.  Therefore, we will have several restaurant reviews from New England.  Woohoo clams!  This place, The Lobster Shack, is in Perkin's Cove, Maine near Ogunquit.  It's on the beach and very pretty.

However, being in such a picturesque area, the prices are a bit high.  Those clams up there are big, long neck clams.  We enjoyed them, but we prefer the littleneck variety.  The bellies in large neck clams have an odd texture like that of a coughed up phlegm ball.  This may be difficult to overcome for some...

Next up we had the clam chowder.  It was like milk with clams in it.  There was little to no flavor, but a lot of clams, so a lot of you may dig this type of thing.

Then we got the "Maine thing," lobster rolls!  The top one up there has a quarter pound of lobster with mayo for $15.  Again, it just didn't have much taste at all.  Yeah, it was lobster and lobster alone is good.  But, the lobster roll was nothing to write home about.  Mr. Fix-it and Spider Lady had the double roll with double the lobster for $10 more, but  had the same complaint. This place has great reviews just about everywhere online, so maybe it's just us.  Maybe we just expect more flavor from our food, because food back home tends to be flavor rich.

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