Wednesday, September 12, 2012

D&R Depot Restaurant Review (Leroy, NY)

I'd like to kick off this post by apologizing for the lack of postings lately.  I strived to hit two posts per week for a while, but realized lately it just isn't consistently possible.  Therefore, I'm going back to a one post per week regiment.  I'll still try to post more frequently, but school is a bit time consuming.  

Additionally, I'm just not sure readership is terribly high.  It's harder for me to push for/enjoy blogging if I feel that no one is reading.  Oh, and I'm waiting for my HD cord to come in for my sweet new camcorder so I can upload the Pike parade shots.

Anyway, this is the D&R Depot in Leroy.  It's (unsurprisingly) a renovated train depot, but the ambiance doesn't stop there:  they have creepily stuffed people in the entryway, a sign in sheet with historical curiosities, and an upside down golf centerpiece on the ceiling with a train circling it.

This restaurant strives to stand out and puts their spin on just about every aspect of your experience.  The menu is mainly comfort food with the usual sandwiches and steaks sprinkled in.  Oddly, they also make a hell of an effort to provide healthy off-beat options like the "salt" pictured above.

The BEST part of this place is the homemade muffins and scones given with the dinner rolls.  They are amazing.  Seriously.

Fancy had the Monte Cristo.  It was fine.  Maybe the problem is that we aren't huge Monte Cristo fans in general, and it just sounded good.  Or maybe the muffins set the bar too high, but either way the sandwich was just average.  The fries were really quite good, however as they were crispy and flavorful.  It makes me wonder if they use their "saltless salt" as seasoning.

I ordered the past with "Marie Perry Snow's Homemade red sauce."  I know what you're thinking: why the hell would the okapi order Italian from a place like that??  It was a lapse in judgment (made twice since I ordered the same damn thing there last year and couldn't remember if I liked it or not).  Maybe I had misguided faith in Marie Perry, whoever she is.  But it was bad.  Canned lunchroom spaghetti bad.

It was so bad I brought it home to the dog.  Anyway, I had to show you guys the bathroom.  This one was labeled "Ladies" and the other was labeled "Whomever."  I want so bad to be able to give this place a great review.

This is the rest of the ladies room.  So, here it goes:  I give the place 3.75 stars.  The ambiance is unbeatable as is the muffins and scones.  However, the actual meals ran between average and just plain bad.  That would give us 3 stars, but then I added in the sweet little old lady waitress and perfectly made cherry-coke (mixing Coke with maraschino cherry juice and a cherry).

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  1. I am a faithful reader, if not a frequent commenter. Keep blogging! - Josie

  2. I have a picture of my younger self standing with a bunch of stuffed people like those. Priceless.